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Hyperbar 303M Review by Jayce Ooi

Posted on: Nov 1, 2021 | Author: Jayce Ooi

"Powerful & Great Sound Quality for the Price!" Review on the Vinnfier Hyperbar 303M by Joyce Ooi of Link to his review HERE

Hyperbar 303M Review by Jayce Ooi

Powerful and great sound quality for the price! This is what you will get from Vinnfier HyperBar 303 M. It is a 120W soundbar with subwoofer. Loaded with a lot of useful features like Bluetooth, FM radio, remote control, mic input and digital inputs like HDMR ARC & coaxial. Does it really that great? Let’s find out now…

Package Content & Design
Everything comes well-protected. One taken the soundbar and subwoofer out, there are remote control, stereo 3.5mm audio cable, AUX to RCA cable, power adaptor, HDMI cable, screws and user manual in the package.
Excellent build quality for the price. The soundbar itself has metal as housing (with minor plastic parts). I like the matte metal surface. Stylish and does not attractive fingerprint at all. In addition, it is loaded with 2 x 2″ speaker drivers. Having 30W total power output (RMS). Soundbar seldom has microphone input. But HyperBar 303 has one. It is located on the right along with the playback buttons. 
At the back, there are DC input for power, subwoofer output, HDMI ARC, AUX input, coaxial and external FM antenna. Wall holder and anti-skip pad are located on both left and right. A solid subwoofer with MDF wood as housing with glossy plastic front. The 5.25″ bass driver is located on the right. 30W total output power (RMS) too. The bass reflex port and audio cable at the back.
Performance Result
Before going to sound quality, let’s find out all its functions and features first. For Bluetooth range, it is great. Easily go up to 8m+ with obstacles like wall. In addition, it is virtually in-sync between video and audio. That’s great for playing games and watching movie on your smartphone and tablet. FM radio reception is decent thanks to external antenna. Just adjust the antenna to get the best signal.

Large LED indicator is located on the right of the soundbar to display audio source, sound volume and so on. The remote control is very handy and can reach up to 8m easily. Everything can be controlled there. Treble and bass volume level from -9 to +9. Microphone volume and echo level can be adjusted too. Besides, there are 6 EQ for you to select. The great news, HyperBar 303 will remember the last used audio source and all other settings when power off. No need to keep it on standby like other budget speaker systems.

Don’t forget that you can sing karaoke with it thanks to the microphone input. Sing all day long…

Sound Quality
Vinnfier HyperBar 303 M works very well on the usual AUX input and Bluetooth. The same applies to the digital connections. By the way, you get the cleanest audio quality through digital. As long as your TV supports them, you are good to go.

As for sound signature, it is balanced. HDMI ARC connection is being used here so everything is processed by the soundbar itself. It is great out of the box. Of course, you can further adjust EQ, treble and bass level to match your taste and preferences. FYI, 60W total power (RMS) is good enough to blast in the large living room. That’s great!

For details, highs are clear and bright. Crisp too thanks to small speaker drivers. No worry, there is no harshness at all. For mids, vocals for both male and female sound natural. Clear as usual. You won’t miss any dialogue in the TV drama from now on. Lows are there. Punchy for its size. You can feel its powerful and deep bass in those action scenes. In short, it is a pleasure to use HyperBar 303 for gaming, watching movie and music listening.


  • Crisp & clear treble with amazin bass
  • Wide & fast Bluetooth 5.0
  • Digital connections support
  • Bluetooth & FM radio
  • Microphone input
  • Excellent build quality
  • Remote control included


  • For the price, nope

Looking for a sub RM300 soundbar with subwoofer lately? Be sure to check out Vinnfier HyperBar 303 M. You will like it as I do. Highly recommended! Enjoy powerful and great sound quality. Sing karaoke all day long.

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